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Power Of The Brand

If you're a business, it is important to have a brand.
Your brand is who you are. It is an amalgamation of your words, your actions and how you are seen.
Your brand also conveys your personality. Think of some businesses that have a lot of personality, such as Wendy's or Nike. Each of these brands has a very strong sense of self. You could probably watch a commercial for Nike, minus the name and logo, and still be able to identify it as a Nike ad. That is a sign of success. That instant recognition means that your branding has been effective.
How do I make my branding effective? Well, one of the most important things is consistency. By being consistent, you begin to build a concentrated image. This image provides stability, recognition and verification.
Without consistency in branding, an organization runs the risk of appearing shallow or fake. This can be the result of a brand who is inconsistent with its advertising or with its own positioning. Imagine if Hallmark suddenly decided to put out a list of the all-time best hip-hop albums. This does not fit with the Hallmark brand, which would destabilize the brand's identity. 
There are, of course, many more elements to branding, and here at The Globe, we relish the opportunity to work with you on defining and building your own brand.


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