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3 Reasons That Print Media Is Right For You

In today's world, where social media dominates and the internet is king, you may question why you should put your money into print ads. In this blog post, I will be telling you why print media is still relevant.
1. Print media is a tangible deliverable.
A tangible deliverable is an item, such as a newspaper or magazine, which is both physical, and can be delivered directly into your hands. These types of media have a tendency to stick around. How many of us have a stack of magazines on a counter, or a basket full of old newspapers? Due to their longevity, print media tends to be passed around and reread, giving greater reach to its content.
2. Print media has higher levels of engagement.
People tend to pay more attention when reading print media. A survey from 2017 found that 35.19% of those surveyed spent up to 30 minutes reading print magazines, as compared to only 17.69%  who spend up to 30 minutes with digital magazines.
3. Print media establishes credibility.
One of the most import…

3 Ways to Schedule Ads

When working within a budget, it can be a challenge for businesses to decide when they should be advertising. In this post, we will walk through the three different media scheduling strategies, and why they may be right for you. These strategies are continuous, flighting and pulsing.
First up, we have continuous. This strategy is pretty straight-forward. As you may imagine, continuous scheduling means that you are continuously, consistently and steadily advertising throughout the year. In relation to The Catholic Globe, this would mean advertising once or twice a month, every month. This method works well for established brands. If you are the Nike of your industry, you likely don't need an elaborate strategy. One or two ads a month, all year, will keep you in the lead with top-of-mind awareness. Basically, you'll be the first name most people think of when your industry is mentioned (ex. I say soft drinks, most people think Coke).
The next strategy we have is flighting. Flighti…

What The Catholic Globe Can Do For You

One of the top reasons to advertise with The Catholic Globe is that we are highly affordable. Also, with nearly 26,000 subscribers across northwest Iowa, we get your message out to a specific niche of potential customers. Perhaps the most valuable thing that we have to offer, however, is our personalized service. Taking out an ad should be much more than simply stating a size and date and receiving a price-point. This is where strategy comes in. Here at The Globe, we are willing to sit down and truly discuss what it is that you need from your advertising. We will look at your goals, look at your budget and look at your options to determine the most effective schedule and placement that best fits your needs. Placing an ad in The Catholic Globe is not a donation. It is a reliable marketing device to make sure your business thrives. We are: Catholic. Credible. Committed.

Why Do People Advertise?

Why do people advertise?

This is question that may seem a bit simple to you. People advertise in order to make more money, right? Well yes, but that's not the answer that we're looking for. The real fact is that there are countless reasons that people advertise, and I am going to break down some of the primary motives.

People advertise to raise awareness.Some people advertise in order to raise awareness for something. This could be a cause, a product, a service that is being offered, or even just the fact that they exist. Advertising helps spread awareness of your message to the surrounding world. People advertise in order to have control.One benefit of advertising is that you have control over what is presented. Since you are paying for an ad, you have the right and the ability to construct whatever message you wish. Advertising is one of the few places that you are afforded this level of control, allowing you to choose the time, place, frequency and more. People advertise to rea…


Hello there!

Welcome to Catholic Ad Conversations! This space will consist of all things related to advertising and the Catholic Church. I am Jacob Newton, and I am currently the Advertising Sales Representative for The Catholic Globe, the official newspaper of the Diocese of Sioux City.

The challenges and opportunities created by this position, a blending of the Catholic Church and modern advertising strategy, will be at the heart of this blog which will feature content ranging from quick tips to in-depth discussions, as well as updates on what is happening in the Catholic world both in Siouxland and beyond!

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